Atticus Falke

A young nobleman who has lost most mobility from an illness. He has an unbreakable resolve to cure himself, and has turned to alchemy where modern medicine has failed. The Festival presents a rare opportunity to break his solitary lifestyle and cheer on his friend, a pilot in the races.


Claire Lockhart

An energetic mechanic and daughter of an airship pilot who owns her own mechanic business on the East side of New Reidle. She always tries to take a positive spin on things and has an infectious optimism. Her dream is to become a famous engineer and live up to her idol, Timothy Garlant.


Jack Renee

The Captain of the Griffin's Pride, and Atticus Falke's best friend since childhood. He and his crew have won the annual New Age Festival race four years in a row. Due to his showy personality, impeccable fashion sense, and good looks, Jack is a favorite of the press as well as the ladies.


Timothy Garlant

The founder of the New Age Festival and inventor extraordinaire, Timothy Garlant has made a name for himself rising from life as a humble farmboy to the inventor and leader of the airship industry of Cleyria. He has overcome many trials to achieve his success and is still working to improve the world and advance society into the new technologial age.


Rosa Renee

Jack Renee's mother and a famous actress. Rosa stars in many plays and dominates the news when it comes to the theatre, known best for her beautiful looks and singing voice. She is an old friend of the Falke family, leading to their sons becoming such close friends.


Empress Kathaline and Prince Aaron of Cleyria

Kathaline is the first Empress of Cleyria. She led her nation to victory over the neighboring country of Auraeland and changed their kingdom to an empire. The Empirical Intelligence Task Force (EITF) is her personal police force that handles political affairs that she wants to stay hidden from public view.

Her eldest child, Prince Aaron, is in training to take her place as Emperor when the time comes. He is always at her side, and also her voice in the government board in law making and major decisions for the country's future.


Thaddeus and Victoria Falke

Atticus's parents and owners of the Falke estate. Lord Thaddeus Falke is the proprietor of Falke Industries and works in the government, his busy work schedule keeping him from most casual gatherings. Lady Victoria is an entrepreneur of her own, investing in profitable businesses, but is mainly a lively socialite and face of the Falke family in Thaddeus's absences.


Joson Silverbuster

Owner of a workshop called "The Furnace" and Claire's mentor, Joson is a skilled dwarven craftsman and mechanic from a country northeast of Cleyria called Vellar. He is a close friend of the Lockhart's and when Claire showed promise he was hired to tutor her. She thinks of him as an uncle and he often helps her when she gets into trouble.

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