Holiday Art / 2019

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year for 2019! Atticus has somehow gotten tangled up in the lights Claire is tinkering with. This was our first holiday artwork and only had the two characters to use without spoiling the story and cast!

Comic Q&A / 2019

Our first Q&A for how the comic is created. While some of our processes stayed the same, a lot has changed since when we started! We should probably do a new, updated version of this. Kailey also does a lot more than is listed behind the scenes on the coding and publicity side.

Fan Request / 2020

A while back we had a raffle for anyone who commented on the website to have a chance at a fan request of art for the For Tomorrow comic. Our winner had a wonderful request asking what Claire's design of an airship would look like, and getting a chance to show it off to Atticus. Hannah put together this beautiful sketch of a segment of Claire's own workshop desk, sprawled with her inventions, ideas, blueprints, as well as memorabilia for inspiration. This desk would most likely be in her room, which is burned down at the end of Chapter 1, so in reality, all of this work has been lost to the flames. This fan art request gives us a chance to see what could have been if Atticus had a chance to visit her house before the unfortunate events that befell it.

RP to Comic / 2020

We wanted to show a bit of the process we take to converting the roleplay game we wrote to a comic by giving a peek to some of the original text that went into making the webcomic. We take these paragraphs that were originally back and forth between two writers, convert them into scripts, keeping, cutting, and sometimes rewriting the content to better fit the more developed narrative, then they are divided into panels and pages for artwork. It is really satisfying to bring even the littlest of scenes from the story to life through art.

Concept Art / 2020

Back when we were looking for a publisher for the comic, we knew we needed to update our highlighted character art for the presentation/pitch. We never did get a publisher and have moved on without one, but these updates were still sorely needed, and much appreciated. It's good to have a full body reference like these.

Holiday Art / 2020

Since Jack was introduced more thoroughly by this holiday break, we decided to spotlight him for the art. Of course, he's put himself right underneath some mistletoe, haha.

Raffle Q&A / 2020

This raffle's winner was Niminae! She asked us to do a Q&A style page where she got to ask our characters questions directly. It was really fun to do, and we hope to do this more in the future!

June Q&A / 2021

Doing these Q&A's is always so fun, and a great way to fill in the breaks. It also gives us a chance to explore some elements of the world, story and characters that might not have come up yet, or maybe never will. We hope they are fun for our readers and we will do more in the future, so keep the questions coming!

August Q&A / 2021

Big question gets a big answer! There's so much that goes on during the festival that doesn't get a highlight in the comic, but we couldn't fit it all! So, we opted to go with our character's opinions on the event. Obviously, Claire is the bigger fan of the festivities. The things that go on during the Festival of the New Age are all right up her alley. Probably because it was a fellow mechanical engineer, Timothy Garlant, who founded it.

Holiday Art / 2021

Happy Holidays and Happy 2021 New Year from For Tomorrow! We wanted this piece to be fun and festive, and maybe show some antics the friends could have gotten into with Claire stealing Atticus's tie and him ending up with her goggles somehow.

August Q&A / 2022

This was our Page 100 celebration Q&A! Thank you so much to our readers that submitted questions for our characters. These are always so fun to do and let us show parts of their personalities that wouldn't come about organically in the comic.

Holiday Art / 2022

Happy Holidays from Santa Tim. It was silly idea that we fell in love with and Garlant is one of our favorite characters in the story, so felt he deserved the highlight this year and that he fit the festive theme. You can read the poem written with it on its debut page in Chapter 5.

Ch 5 Poster / 2023

In anticipation of the continuation of Chapter 5, Hannah made this awesome promotional art to tease the things to come. Now we know exactly what all the imagery means, but the piece is still so impactful.

Holiday Art / 2023

A cozy family scene with memories of better time for this years holiday art. Hannah decided to go with a mix of sweet and sad. Happy holidays and happy new year!

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