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Posted February 8th, 2022

Hannah: mic drop

We've been waiting to do this reveal for so long! When Kailey first dropped this plot twist in the original rp, I freaked out in the best way.

Kailey: Hey, that's my mic drop! drops mic as well Nah, it's shared now with your epic comic rendition of this iconic scene. Atticus was so hesitant in the original story, took him forever to show Claire the death certificate. Glad the rewrite for the comic jumps to the point quicker.

Hannah: Yeah, and it fits the characters' personalities way better too. It was a ton of work editing and making the typed pages, but I'm happy with how much information we were able to fit!

Kailey: Now for our poor characters to try and make sense of all of it while the door is being broken down! Love this arc of the story and it's so satisfying to be here!