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Posted February 15th, 2022

Kailey: Time for some fall out! Poor Claire doesn't even understand what's going on and now has to avoid being arrested.

Hannah: At least she knows more about the motivations of these masked jerks who have been following her. I particularly enjoyed drawing them from the outside perspective standing over the trap door, showing that all hope of an exit for Claire and Atticus is gone. Mwahahaha!

Kailey: That's my favorite panel. Such a cool angle. I also love how Atticus jumps into action and information gathering. It was hard playing a confused Claire in this scene, when I wrote her plot for her. I wrote for the EITF more in this scene so I could finally explain things.

Hannah: Atticus is happy to finally get answers too, even though you can't tell because he's on the verge of passing out again. I can't wait to continue this scene and give more answers in the coming pages!