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Posted January 6th, 2020

We’re back! And we’re so happy about the page we brought for our first post of the new year. It is so refreshing to finally see Atticus and Claire on the same page and we also made our panel widths thinner to fit more on a page. We really enjoy the new style.

For months, the elven man Claire runs into was named “Jerk Elf Guy”. Now, we had a disclaimer on a previous page that we’re not goblin racist, but… Well, we’re kind of elf racist. They’re the worst. (Just kidding of course, but it’s a running joke of ours to hate elves, and to play on that joke, Kailey made this guy an elf in the original story). Now, we can’t blame him entirely, Claire does tend to have laser focus on the things she wants, and it can get her into trouble sometimes. We don’t really show Atticus’ journey to the airfields, but he really doesn’t have much trouble or traffic to get through, so he arrives first to greet the Griffin’s Pride.