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Posted April 11th, 2022

Hannah: I'm really proud of the overhead angle in panel one, but boy was it a lot of work! It was about time to do a visual reset for this action scene. Half of the original squad of agents is down, with reinforcements on their way down the stairs, and we get to see the tall odds Claire and Atticus are facing. Especially in the case of that lizard man, where 6 feet tall is on the short side for his race.

Kailey: Seriously! Holy suplex, Atticus! In our lore doc, we detailed the lizardfolk race to being the biggest, strongest, heaviest race. Alchemy steroids are not to be reckoned with! I'm glad we extended the fight scene to show that off in its entirety.

Hannah: And don't forget the return of the EITF's most feared enemy: Claire's boot knife. They really should have included that in the briefing for this new group of agents that were sent after her... But I'm not complaining. Its incredibly satisfying to draw our duo beating them up.

Kailey: Well, they didn't learn, I suppose. In their briefing it was like: 'She's wearing a prom dress. No girl wears knife boots with prom dresses.' More girls should, just in case of situations like these.