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Posted April 26th, 2022

Hannah: And with that, our heroes bleeding and in the clutches of the EITF, we end chapter four!

Kailey: Whew! It was a big one. Lots of reveals, action, and still more questions. Plot's really going to speed up after this. We were really looking forward to Chapter 4 ever since deciding to make this into a comic. It was impactful when we first wrote it, and it's still impactful now in comic form.

Hannah: Absolutely! The result of this confrontation may feel a bit shocking and abrupt after the slower pacing in the first three chapters. Trust me, as a co-writer of the original rp that this comic is based on, I was just as flabbergasted. I can't wait to answer some questions and show you, our readers, how the pieces of this mystery are starting to fit together! Next chapter is going to be epic! But for now its time for a break. This chapter has been intense in both story and art and I'm happy to have a breather.

Kailey: ep! Break time! Follow our Facebook for updates on the release date for Chapter 5, as well as some fun bonus content to fill in the time for our Patreon subscribers!