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PAGE 100

Posted July 5th, 2022

Kailey: We're back! With Claire in the back of a disguised prison van! I really think we should have kept it pitch black with floating cartoon eyes, but you were kind enough to do some excellent dark shading instead. 😉

Hannah: The next dark scene we do, I'll keep that in mind. ;P 😜

Until I started coloring this page, I didn't realize that there wouldn't be any light source inside this van, so I just decided to do soft shading and make everything way dimmer than usual. Comic storytelling is interesting that way. As much as I want to show this scene from Claire's viewpoint, it wouldn't be very interesting to read if I stuck to it that rigorously.

Kailey: It's really amazing, and I love seeing the progress in your art when looking from the comic from start to present page. Page 100! It's come so far, it's surreal! And yet, it also only feels like we're getting started on telling the story to its fullest.

Hannah: I'm proud of how far we've come as storytellers. With each new chapter and page, I hope to keep improving!

It's our one-hundreth page! Just a reminder that we going to celebrate with a couple activities. First, a Character Q&A, so leave your questions in the comments below to have us illustrate the characters answering them!

Second, a giveaway! Join any tier on our PATREON to have a chance to be selected to recieve a physical copy of Chapter 1!

We thank all our readers and supporters! Happy Page 100!