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PAGE 101

Posted July 12th, 2022

Hannah: New location, new establishing shot! I like to make these big panels bleed off of the edges of the page to give it extra impact.

Kailey: It's a really cool stylistic choice. The palace of New Reidle! I've been excited to introduce this location and it's crazy to finally see it drawn. It's a character of its own.

Hannah: Designing this building was a long process, but a step we absolutely couldn't afford to skip. I want to give a special shoutout to our wonderful 3d artist, Josh, for his assistance! The perspective for the first panel was a lot easier with his model as reference.

Kailey: Definitely! But he did use your floorplan and drawing as reference. I'll have to be sure to post all the art that went into designing the building up on the Patreon. So excited to go inside it for future pages! I know Claire sure isn't, haha.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Page 100 celebration! We'll pick and compile the questions we recieved for the Q&A, and the winner of the Chapter 1 physical copy will be notified on their Patreon messages.