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PAGE 105

Posted August 16th, 2022

Hannah: Finally, we get to see what Atticus has been up to! And its all fine and dandy. Nothing sad here, nosiree.

Kailey: Not even what he's up to, but more his mind. Quite in shock, going through surgery, and bringing up some memories. Very enjoyable to get some backstory in sooner than originally expected, but a dream sequence is the perfect opportunity.

Hannah: From an artistic standpoint, it was hard to decide how I wanted to do this sequence. I didn't want to do it in sepia since we'd already done that for Claire's flashbacks, and this isn't purely a memory. I thought about doing greyscale, but color is too important to me for setting the emotional tone for a scene to cut it out entirely. Instead I went the opposite direction and made everything extra bright and contrasted, and made the page color itself grey.

Kailey: Dreams are in color, so you made the right choice. And color is being used to portray such a different balance in scenes and subject in such little time. It's refreshing to get back to Atticus as a character, and I'm excited to see if our readers look back at the comic and find the references that led to this reveal.