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PAGE 107

Posted August 30th, 2022

Hannah: I love how bright and fresh this page feels! We've had some pretty dark and moody lighting these last few chapters, and its great to see some morning light again.

Kailey: Atticus is finally back to reality, but it's not that much better. Might have brighter lighting, but there's a lady looming over him in the hospital room. I remember having fun with her introduction to the story.

Hannah: Heheh, yes indeed. My favorite panel is probably number 5, just because of Atticus's 'wtf' expression.

Kailey: Haha, I love his face in that panel! And his response to being called a pain. He's definitely not quite awake yet, and it lightens the scene even more than just being morning.

Due to some big life changes for both creators of For Tomorrow, we'll be taking a break for the month of September. We think it's a good place to pause the story now that we've established that both our main characters survived the end of chapter four.

We have a fun bonus scene planned for our patrons during this break, and when we come back we'll explore how Atticus and Claire deal with the uncertainty of their circumstances. Our heroes are bleeding and emotionally battered, but not defeated!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting our story. Watch the For Tomorrow facebook page for updates on our return!