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PAGE 110

Posted October 25th, 2022

Kailey: Remind me never to get between Thaddeus Falke and his family. Wait, I'm one of the authors... Dang it.

Hannah: Good thing authors and characters can't meet, or we'd be screwed. I love drawing the Falke family all together. In my opinion, stories sometimes use dead or absent parents as an excuse so the kids can go on adventures. In our story we've got both options covered.

Kailey: Plus, Atticus is technically an adult. It's an interesting dynamic to explore where he's both incredibly independent and dependent. Good to see his parents there and protective of him when the time comes.

Hannah: They let him do his own thing for the most part, but he's still their child. I'm glad I get to show them being caring parents. Atticus definitely needs the support right now.