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PAGE 111

Posted November 1st, 2022

Hannah: It was a last minute addition in my coloring process, but I'm very proud of the small visual reference to Atticus's nightmare sequence. There are very good reasons for Victoria's nervous breakdown.

Kailey: I remember having no clue in the original draft of the story of the Falke family's loss, but when it was finally revealed much later, I got to go back to this and understand Victoria's reaction completely. I'm glad we explored Atticus's family dynamic so much sooner.

Hannah: Yes! Its nice to show more of both of his parents. Unfortunately, a minute with his mom is all he gets before Dulara's eagle eye is back on him.

Kailey: He looks and sounds so hopeless in the last panel. Probably would be too much for his mother to know about the conspiracy he's getting wrapped in. Good of Thaddeus to help her leave to get a breather.