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PAGE 112

Posted November 8th, 2022

Kailey: Another visitor for Atticus! So good to see their established friendship again. Atticus has quite the support system.

Hannah: I'm so happy to see Jack again! And Dulara really needs to find a better spot to stand than behind the door.

Kailey: I'd rather she not learn her lesson. That way she can risk getting smacked by the door next time, but that wouldn't be fair to the door. It's great to see Jack being a kind friend again. Atticus needs to stop worrying him. Am I remembering correctly that when you developed Atticus that Jack came along paired with him from the start, or did you develop the best friend later?

Hannah: I wrote them as a pair, for sure! They have a lot of traits that compliment each other, and I loved the contrast of writing these two very different people as best friends.