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PAGE 113

Posted November 15th, 2022

Hannah: We haven't had a page with this many panels for a while! More talking, but I did my best to make things dynamic and pretty to look at. Besides Jack, of course.

Kailey: His panels alone take care of that, haha. Dulara isn't too impressed though. Jack once again in for the suave speaking save, distracting her whether she cares about his offer or not. It's good to see Atticus getting some help.

Hannah: He needs it! I like to think of both Atticus and Jack as protagonist material- they just belong to different genres. Atticus is playing out his mystery/drama, while Jack might feel at home on an action movie poster. I enjoy drawing his flamboyant poses so much.

Kailey: They wonderfully complement each other, personality, goals, lifestyles; it's probably a big reason why they make good friends beyond just their history together. I love his thumbs up at the end. Gives me 'Detective Jack Renee is on the case!' vibes.