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Posted January 21st, 2020

At last, our main characters are talking to each other! In the original story, the sound of the propellers was too loud for them to hear each other. There was a lot of 'What did you say?' and communicating through gestures. In this comic version we tried using the 'Whp whp' sounds effects to cover up parts of the speech bubbles to get this effect, but it became too distracting so we switched them to an ambient background effect. Just picture them talking loudly over the noise, and you get the idea. All the expressions on this page were immensely fun to draw as well as further showing the personalities of Claire and Atticus.

In this world, Alchemy is known to exist, but it’s rare to be practiced and more of a taboo than completely illegal. As a mechanic, Claire is naturally skeptical and wary, seeing as her profession typically stays clear of such shortcuts and she knows little about it. It’s nothing to report Atticus to the police for, though.