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PAGE 114

Posted November 22nd, 2022

Kailey: You really nailed the scenes to choose for the collage! Seeing them along with Atticus's speech really makes me feel nostalgic for the earlier stuff.

Hannah: Aw, thank you! It's a nice look back at the story so far. It makes me cringe at the old art a little, but also makes me feel proud at how much my art has improved.

Kailey: No cringing allowed! It's gorgeous, and most of all, you got the feeling down back then, which is what we needed here. I remember when we first played out this scene. I loved writing for the tough and naive Dulara across from Atticus. It was hard not just agreeing with him.

Hannah: I imagine Atticus runs into Dulara's type of ignorance about alchemy a lot, but for once he's not focused on lecturing her about the specifics of his favorite kind of science. This time, he's got a different focus.