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PAGE 115

Posted November 29th, 2022

Hannah: And, scene! Its a bit of a cliffhanger ending before our holiday break, but there's no stopping point in this chapter that wouldn't have some tension.

Kailey: I'm just glad we pushed through and got Atticus's scene finished before a big break. Lots to be excited for when we return to Claire's side of the story! Been looking forward to it since the beginning. Poor Atticus though... He's going to take a lot of unnecessary blame.

Hannah: I'm hyped to see Claire again, too! As I'm sure our readers have figured out by now... there were a lot of things about Dulara's behavior that didn't line up. If you go back and look at the start of this scene, the green light on her radio has been on the whole time, signaling that she's been transmitting their conversation to get the info they need from him. In modern times, 'evidence' like this wouldn't hold up in court. He's on some intense painkillers, as well as being under duress. But the EITF doesn't care about fair trial.

Kailey: They got someone admitting and saying the word 'homunculus', from the Falke that's involved no less. It's technically what the Empress and her son were worried about, so they've now got it covered. Dulara will still be sticking around to make sure Atticus doesn't blab about the true story, however.

As said before: We will be taking a break for the holidays and plan to return in January. But, stick around and follow our Facebook and Patreon for extra content! Thank you to all our readers for the wonderful support and we hope you have a great December!