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Page 118

Posted January 31st, 2023

Hannah: All of the packed dialogue on this page is making up for last week! After all the buildup to this meeting, I'm hyped to finally show Professor Cohen and Claire talking. Or rather, her interjecting while he monologues.

Kailey: Last week set up the atmosphere, this week the context. I'm glad Claire is finally getting some context, even if it's in terrible circumstances.

Hannah: On a side note, I had way too much fun drawing Cohen's unhinged smile in panel 5. I've also enjoyed dramatically framing the characters in this scene with the big glowing tanks on the walls, as we find out some information about Garrett Lockhart's past that's been a long time coming!

Kailey: You've done epic as usual in characterizing these characters with your art. I'm excited to eventually explain that glowing green and it's significant purpose. It's much more than just an eerie and mood setting color pallette, heheh.