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Page 119

Posted February 14th, 2023

Kailey: Sorry for unexpected break last week, but we're back and with another eerie green page! I love Claire getting a bit sassy here. Finally clicking that her dad wasn't quite as honest as she thought and that this guy is maybe a little off.

Hannah: Only a little, haha... the professor has reached a level of suspicion with her where she shuts down from the information overload. It reminds me of when Atticus brought her to his much less creepy alchemy lab.

Kailey: Haha, the parallels. This guy might have more of a story and possible evidence, but Atticus definitely had more of Claire's needs in mind. Two alchemists, two very different intentions.

Hannah: Yes indeed! I'm enjoying the parallels of this scene with some others in the story, and I'm intrigued to see what connections our readers will make.