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Page 121

Posted February 28th, 2023

Kailey: Oooof, is that punch satisfying to see. Even though her temper leads to her downfall in the end, it's good to see Claire give that man a well deserved wallop first.

Hannah: It's so cathartic! Kailey suggested that I just copy and paste that panel five times for this page, and I was extremely tempted.

Kailey: Heheh, I'll just appreciate it that many times and ignore the rest for a bit. But, alas, the story must continue, and it wouldn't be truly satisfying if it ended there. Still so many answers to so many questions to reveal. Claire is just unfortunate that she has to experience those answers first hand.

Hannah: She can only handle so many minutes of talking about terrifying and confusing revelations before her fight or flight instincts kick in. And unfortunately for her, Cohen had a trick up his sleeve, in the form of a weirdly jointed robot arm.