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Posted January 28th, 2020

We’re already starting to see our comic evolving. Aside from new character introductions that we are very excited to add to our cast page for the next page, Hannah has been experimenting with a new coloring technique that adds an extra gradient layer to bring more depth to the shadows. We hope to always be improving our quality and can only imagine what this comic could look like in a few months or a year, if we get that far.

We also like how this page shows off our two main character's different personalities in a way. Atticus tends to have more thought bubbles, because if Claire is thinking something, she usually just says it aloud. Also, Atticus is basically in the same pose for the majority of panels and is generally more composed, while Claire demonstrates more movement and expression in her posing. Hannah does a spectacular job bringing these characters to life.

Atticus’ gentlemanly manners aren’t taken as well as he hoped they’d be. Luckily, he’s well trained in polite expressions, so it can be hard to tell how much he’s actually panicking inside, listing excuses in his head as to why she’s ‘offended’ in his terms. Atticus can come off a bit rude, assuming so quickly that Claire being from the east side of the city and not accustomed to the manners of nobility, but really, it’s just Claire he’s dealing with. Though, mannerisms and ways of speaking do have differences between the East and West sides of the city, with the West Side taking an approach from our Victorian Era, and the East side being a bit more loose and progressive.