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Page 122

Posted March 14th, 2023

This page was another fun one to layout, including puns! This guy has no respect for safety. Just too proud to care. Writing these pages have been tricky because Cohen is quite the talker. We're trying to incorporate more back and forth with Claire in these comics compared to his original draft of lengthly dialouge. So far, we like the results! While she's in quite the predicament, we want to make sure to keep her headstrong attitude and not give Cohen all the spotlight that we know he wants.

We once again want to apologize for the delay on this page's release and not announcing it beforehand. We are both getting used to some new work schedules and keep our focus on the comic at the same time, so when we don't make a deadline, it's been unexpected. We hope to resolve this really soon and be back to a more predictable release schedule, but if our usual Tuesday post isn't present without warning, this is why. We would hate to take a longer break during such a crucial scene! Thank you for your patience!