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Page 123

Posted March 21st, 2023

Hannah: We debated for a while on how to show the backstory on this page- whether it should be a full flashback or another monologue, and ended up with a mix of real time monologue to show them going to the new location, and the photos and materials that the professor shows Claire, and through her, the reader.

Kailey: I really like this. A great middle ground to prevent more panels of talking heads. I love seeing Garrett and Alton together in the past, photo proof for Claire of her father's secret life. Can't deny it anymore, no matter how crazy her situation has gotten.

Hannah: Her utter rejection of the situation feels more from a place of revulsion than actual denial of reality, but I wouldn't trust anything this guy told me without proof, either. I mean, he outright told her that he can use alchemy to mess with her head.

Kailey: I think back to Atticus's assumptions as well and her initial reaction to the proof in front of her. Can't deny photos. Those, and the way Cohen talks about it. A weird mix of respect and spite. I can't wait to get into his and Garrett's history together.