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Page 124

Posted March 28th, 2023

Kailey: Heheh, I love Garrett's pose in the second photo. Gives such Claire vibes.

Hannah: Heheh, I'm glad! I've been trying to make some of their mannerisms and expressions similar through the photos. Even though Garrett doesn't have dialogue, the Lockhart family resemblance goes beyond words.

Kailey: His posing in the final spot is perfect too. So cheery as an alchemist, switching to a sad and disgruntled pilot. But it still has that feel of determination to his values. He didn't need the dialogue. You've done excellent on the body language. And it's cool to see the Empress's part in all of it with her dominating visual.

Hannah: I had a lot of fun with that last panel, and the composition of the page in general! I love making very dramatic posters, and I wanted to make an impression with the capstone of Cohen's monologue. Its a lot of info, and I'm so excited to finally reveal more pieces of the story!