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Page 127

Posted May 4th, 2023

Hannah: This was a tough page to plan out, so I ended up sketching several layouts. Action scenes always take up a lot of space, but its worth it to give this chapter a proper ending! For once, Claire's the one looming over Cohen as the one in control of the situation has changed.

Kailey: That is such a cool shot! It was a lot more hit and run in the original, but you've styled it to be much more satisfying as Claire finally, and rightfully, gets the upper hand.

Hannah: Claire's not the type to just run away without doing some damage first, especially after all the trauma the professor has caused her and her family.

Kailey: As she has shown in earlier scenes of the comic as well. Claire's a fighter, and keeps being underestimated. I love her and her determination and you've portrayed it beautifully yet again.