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Page 128

Posted May 9th, 2023

Kailey: Run, Claire, run! She knows there's plenty more than being a science experiment. I absolutely love the overhead view we get of the first lab room. Was not expecting to ever get that angle, and you pulled it off excellently, Hannah!

Hannah: Thanks! Originally this was going to be the final page of the chapter, but action scenes always take up more room than I think they will. So, naturally I wanted to play around with angles to make it more dramatic! I loved the idea of Claire running back through this massive room, and from above she looks especially tiny.

Kailey: The perspective really helps with the scope of the place that we didn't get before. This was quite the massive dungeon converted to a lab. Being stuck down there for long without the light of day would make anyone a bit stir crazy. Or a lot, considering the one pursuing Claire.

Hannah: Stir crazy, or just crazy...