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Page 129

Posted May 17th, 2023

Hannah: Happy end of chapter! We wanted to close this chapter on a more positive note than the last one, with a hopeful flashback and the beginning of Claire's escape from the creepy lab. It was fun to design the little collage of cute supportive moments of the two of them, mirroring Atticus's thoughts in the hospital.

Kailey: This was a big chapter to get through with a lot of information, events, and pages! It ended up expanded from our original plan, so we thank our readers big time for the patience so we could get it just right for precious moments like these to hit right.

Hannah: It has been incredibly satisfying to craft this scene with such dramatic camera angles and big plot reveals, both as a writer and artist. I'm looking forward to the next chapter after our break!

Kailey: So looking forward to it! We're getting to some of my absolute favorite parts. So excited to show off how Claire attempts this escape and what's going on back on Atticus's side! Look out for return announcements on our Patreon and Facebook, and Patreon subscribers will have break time extras like concept art and development commentary.