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Posted February 3rd, 2020

Jack Renee is another important character to the plot of For Tomorrow. He's famous, attractive, and a little full of himself, but has a heart of gold when it comes to his best friend, Atticus Falke. The two of them grew up together and often consider each other as brothers. Eventually, Jack became a pilot of a racing airship, the Griffin's Pride, and he hasn't lost a race since.

Jack was conceptualized right alongside Atticus. A pensive shut-in like Atticus needed an outgoing and socialite personality to go alongside him. It’s thanks to Jack that Atticus gets out at all, his friend often dragging him outside for all sorts of shenanigans and adventures to make sure the young noble is reminded what daylight looks like.

The comic feels a little more alive now that such an important character is being introduced. Jack is another main character in our story and he is properly featured on the cast page along with Claire and Atticus. Hannah also greatly enjoys drawing Jack, is addicted to it probably, and we’ll be able to release a lot of fun concept art of him on our patreon in the future.