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Page 132

Posted August 1st, 2023

Kailey: I remember early in Atticus's development that instead of a politician, he had aspirations to be a lawyer. I love that it is still incorporated into his personality and peeks through here. I love how he's finding his own way to fight back no matter his circumstances.

Hannah: There's certainly some overlap in the two professions in being able to make a convincing argument, so I think it fits! He's got a tricky mind, and panel four is one of my favorite sly Atticus faces so far.

Kailey: Mine too, heheh. And speaking about the 'Treatise of Sentiente Beings', is that why you got after me about the Lizardfolk doctor/vet comment I made a couple pages ago? Your Atticus was showing, haha!

Hannah: Heheh, yes. I'll say it again: Lizards are people too! And so is Claire.