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Page 133

Posted August 8th, 2023

Hannah: I'm glad we waited to show this part of the palace until now. It saved me some design work, and served a greater purpose for the storytelling as well. Claire saw this hallway while being thrown in the holding cell before being sent down the elevator to Cohen, but we made those panels purposely disjointed and close up on her face to show her disorientation. Now, we finally get to see the layout of the EITF palace headquarters in more detail!

Kailey: I thank you for the patience with me while we organized the layout. It's fun to be back to Claire, but it was obvious in the original scripts that changes need to be made for her side of the story to even be plausible. I'm beyond happy with how things have turned out on the drawn page. The lighting is just spectacular!

Hannah: I love having the chance to put more thought into details like this to make our story even better! Another detail I'm proud of that was kind of a last minute addition: the EITF uniform patches. The only other time we've seen them wear the official royal crest is when they were searching the wreckage of Claire's house.

Kailey: Funny how those crests disappear and reappear depending on their more shady activities... Heheh. I love getting such a clearer shot of one. Also excited to get back to Claire's side of the story, and it's getting closer and closer to being concurrent to Atticus's!