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Page 135

Posted August 22nd, 2023

Kailey: I love how panel three is framed, especially with the dialogue. Definitely my favorite of the page.

Hannah: I love that panel too! It was so colorful with all the different skin, scale, and hair colors, before I washed it out with the red alarm lights.

Kailey: We could always save their designs for future EITF appearances in the daylight. Haha, I can tell you missed drawing random background characters. These are all so gorgeous and full of personality for the single appearance.

Hannah: I prefer background characters to backgrounds, that's for sure! Although, its been sort of an interesting challenge to practice communicating the 'personality' of a place through the architecture, as Claire escapes the glowing tanks of Cohen's gothic crypt turned creepy alchemy lab, to the more modern architecture of the EITF headquarters, where modern fixtures like electric lights and pipes have been overlaid on the archways of the palace basement.