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Page 138

Posted September 12th, 2023

Hannah: Even if Dulara had tried to pry off the top of Atticus's cane, it wouldn't have budged. He may have gone overboard on security features to hide his glowy marbles, but paranoia has paid off for him so far.

Kailey: I'm so glad we finally get to reveal why he had that specific cane around and why it looks the way it does. Where he got that spare marble all the way back when he first met Claire.

Hannah: Yep! She didn't see it because she was too busy looking up in awe at the descending airship. I love putting a lot of thought into little details like this. Plus, drawing glowing alchemy circles is really fun.

Kailey: The lock design is so cool! I love what you came up with. Especially the added three panels at the top that weren't originally in the scripts, heheh. Really made me bust up laughing when you sent me the thumbnail concepts.

Hannah: Heheh, thanks. It's incredibly satisfying to me for him to have the last word, so to speak. Dulara's empty threat doesn't even deserve a response.