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Posted February 10th, 2020

We know, unsettling cliffhanger, but remember that Jack is one of our favorite characters for a reason. We've had our time to set up the carefree world-building, but this comic will tackle our characters faults along with their growth. We wouldn't have Jack's introduction any other way.

This page features the faithful crew of the Griffin’s Pride, all personally scouted and hired by Jack. The trio of bosun mates take care of maintenance and landing procedures, and the engineer works in the heat of the boiler in the back. When we first wrote the book, these crew members were all faceless and nameless, but as we dove more into the story, were able to give them distinct personalities and love them as much as any main cast member. It was fun drawing the crew’s reaction to this unknown woman dashing onto their ship, but it’s not anything they aren’t used to with a captain like Jack, who often gives “tours” to his rabid fanbase.

It was an added challenge to do the lighting in the engine room, but we’re proud of the distinct heat the illumination the furnace gives off as well as provide lighting for the scene.