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Page 143

Posted October 17th, 2023

Kailey: Ah, finally a breath of fresh air with a side of a garden chase scene as we get back outside. But really, such amazing detail on this page! It's so pretty! I loved getting to color greenery again after so long, haha.

Hannah: SO much greenery. I may have gone a teeny bit overboard, but that's what palaces are all about! This page ended up being even more complex than I'd pictured when I designed it, but I think it was worth it for the final grand effect.

Kailey: And epic chase choreography! Up and over Claire! I feel bad for delivery guy, but I also love seeing her get to drive again after all the terror she's been through. You've done so well fitting so much on a single page. It's very impressive.

Hannah: Thank you! It took a lot of rearranging and tricky angles to make the most out of this page! A tricky page for a daring escape, as Claire finally breaks free of the EITF's clutches (almost) completely unscathed.