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Page 146

Posted November 7th, 2023

Hannah: At last, a hug! And a kiss, too. Kailey and I have been calling it 'the kith' for at least a month.

Kailey: Ack! Don't tell them that! Haha, but looking at this page reminded me how you would roll, basically flip a coin, on whether Atticus's heart rate would make him pass out or not. I remember freaking out at how terrible this time would be if he did!

Hannah: Haha, I guess its my turn to be a cruel writer. Atticus's heartrate increasing isn't always for bad reasons, but I wanted to show that it can be risky no matter what it is that's gotten him excited. Thus, him trying to move on to Important Things quickly even though he's obviously affected by Claire's adorable sincerity.

Kailey: Heheh, we cut in the original that his brain literally shut off and he kissed her back because it was 'the gentlemanly thing to do to return a gift'. Almost sad we cut it, but this fits him better. Glad he's the thinker and Claire takes action. Hope everyone enjoys the reunion!