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Page 147

Posted November 14th, 2023

Kailey: Gotta check on Dulara first before we ride into the sunset(afternoon daylight), of course! So glad Atticus gets in his last word after causing her so much trouble.

Hannah: I imagine he was too tired/focused on getting his brace on to bother replying to her screaming through the door. I feel bad for the doctor, nurse, and handyman in the hall with her.

Kailey: I'm sure this is a first for their hospital, haha. A patient using alchemy to lock a door, then jumping out a window. Dulara certainly isn't going to be getting any accolades for how she handled this job. Makes me also happy to see Atticus a little more comfortable than the last time he had to cling on to Claire while she drove through the streets.

Hannah: I never get tired of seeing Dulara mad, especially now that Atticus is the one with a smug lil' smile. Like Kailey said, its so great to see both Atticus and Claire happy and free. On that high note, we're going on our holiday break!

We've decided to go on our usual holiday break a little early this year with the timing of this chapter scene. There won't be any new comic pages from now through all of December, while we take time to relax and focus on family. Thank you for all the support we've received so far this year!

During the holiday break, we'll keep making posts and updating our readers with fun extras! On our Patreon, we have some gag comics planned, concept art, and a short story. We love doing reader Q&As during these longer breaks as well, so if you have any questions either for us or directly to our characters, be sure to ask them here, on our Patreon, or Facebook to help inspire us!

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and we'll keep you updated on For Tomorrow's return in the new year! (We return on January 9th, 2024)