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Page 148

Posted January 9th, 2024

Hannah: We're back! With a new year comes a new location, and a character we haven't seen since chapter two. It feels great to get back into Claire and Atticus's story!

Kailey: I can't believe it's been so long since we've seen Joson! I was going back for my color references and it blew my mind when I saw it was page 31! We've come a long way, and so have our heroes. Joson's was a safe house for Claire back then, so she definitely feels it can be again.

Hannah: Agreed! I also enjoy drawing Joson's magnificent beard. Poor Atty is taking an impromptu nap, but I'm happy that Claire has some backup.

Kailey: Some excellent backup! Joson has been great support even though we haven't seen him for so long. I'm excited to dive more into his role and relationship with Claire. I liked what you wrote for Joson when you first sent me the thumbnail drafts: '...Why does your friend's name sound like a pained noise?' Haha!