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Page 150

Posted January 23rd, 2024

Hannah: Last week's page had a little montage of what happened while Atticus was unconscious. I imagine Claire blurted everything out in a jumbled mess and confused and concerned Joson even more than he was already, haha. Thankfully he got enough info to know he should probably burn the evidence of Claire and Atticus's escapes from the EITF.

Kailey: She at least got out the part that they're wanted by the empirical police! And I imagine that's all she needed to focus on saying, because getting rid of the scooter and clothes would take a long time. Rest in peace, scoots. You were fun to color while you lasted.

Hannah: Heh, I've got to admit, I'm glad scoots is gone since it was difficult to draw the angles on. I did like the color, though!

Kailey: That's because I made it the same color as Claire's old overalls, haha. I miss those. She's rocking Joson's olive green ones though! And Atticus is rocking the blanket cape. Hype for them to get more into the conversation now that they're not running for their lives.