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Posted February 18th, 2020

The contrast of blue lighting of the open door breaking up the warm red of the engine is one of our favorite parts of this page. And, with that cold light enters Atticus, thoroughly douses any chance of a steamy scene happening in the engine room.

Drawing the facial expressions and interactions between our three main cast is always a joy, and on this page particularly, Claire’s utter obliviousness to Jack’s advances was especially entertaining to portray. We have an alternate version of this scene where Jack does get the kiss. Along with it, he gets a screwdriver to the side. Claire wouldn’t get taken advantage of that easily.

The second half of this page is also fun, because it gets a taste of how these three would actually hang out in more casual circumstances, with Jack being a total tease and enjoying every minute of Atticus and Claire’s awkward introductions.

This week, we will be holding a raffle! We really want our community to have a place to come together. We get so many great comments throughout our posts, but none (or rarely) of them on the actual web page. We’d really like them to be centralized on the website, so that we can respond and see all of them! So, this week, anyone who comments on the website using the disqus, either as a member or a guest, will get the chance to be entered for a free For Tomorrow related fan sketch request. (raffle is now closed) Thanks for reading!