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Page 152

Posted February 6th, 2024

Hannah: I was unsure about doing flashbacks that aren't from Claire or Atticus's perspective at first, but the more of them we include, the more I like them. They really help flesh out the story and we get to include details that we wrote later on in the series!

Kailey: Joson was going to tell the story and give the information anyway. Much more interesting to see those events instead of more talking heads. Plus, we get young Joson! And little Claire! She's so cute!

Hannah: I love little Claire! And yeah, I like breaking out of the talking heads for more exposition-heavy conversations. It was really fun to draw Joson at various points in his past.

Kailey: It's fun to see and learn how Joson met Garrett and in turn was introduced to Claire as her mentor. Poor guy had no idea what he was getting into by assisting Garrett, but I'm sure happy he stuck around to be such a great support and role model for Claire.