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Page 154

Posted February 20th, 2024

Hannah: Atticus, Claire, and Joson's minds are all on different tracks for this page, and juggling all of their perspectives on these reveals has been really fun. Not fun for them, of course.

Kailey: Claire's doing her best to explain what happened to her just earlier that day, but that can be hard to understand if you weren't there first hand. We've all experienced that at one point or another, things can feel more personal to us than to others, so I'm glad Claire has someone like Joson nearby that can read her emotions even though he doesn't quite understand it all.

Hannah: Atticus tends to go deaf to the outside world when he's processing new information, which can be bad for everyone around, haha. Poor Claire.

Kailey: He's quick to apologize this time, though! Unlike that time in the lab where he couldn't stop himself and she stormed off. Plus, she's getting to know him too, that he doesn't mean any harm with the hypothesizing. They're getting to know each other so well!