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Page 157

Posted March 12th, 2024

Kailey: When you first asked if we should include the characters Claire beat up in her father's lab to be on the team searching for her, I couldn't justify why they would be picked after such a massive beating. Then it came to me: They volunteered. Finding her became personal, haha.

Hannah: Lol yeah, they have more motivation besides doing their jobs now. Plus, they'd be able to recognize her if they saw her. I chose to bring back the agents who were knocked out the quickest in that fight, though, so they have minor injuries.

Kailey: 'Minor injuries?!' Says the guy who had a tank smashed against his face, haha. But, yes, good point. They'd be the best to recognize her too. After the concussions wear off, haha.

Hannah: They weren't expecting Claire and Atticus to put up much of a fight the first time, but I bet they're ready for it now!