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Page 159

Posted March 26th, 2024

Kailey: I've really been looking forward to this scene and conversation. It was so fun to write up and finally dive into the feelings Claire's been keeping to herself in all her confusion. Atticus is the perfect person to tell them to.

Hannah: He's good with challenging intellectual concepts, not so much with stress. In a weird way, Claire having a crisis is a good thing, it being a perfect distraction so Atticus doesn't panic about all the stomps and scary sounds coming from above them.

Kailey: He's such a good teacher when people are listening and not questioning his practice, haha. But seriously, it's a sweet scene showing more of how their different personalities help balance each other out.

Hannah: I totally agree! And a little detail I'm proud of: as Atticus tries to convince Claire of her personhood in the closeup panel of their hands, his finger is resting on her Heart line.