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Page 160

Posted April 2nd, 2024

Thank you for your patience with this page, dear readers! We love sharing our story with you guys and appreciate all your supportive and fun comments. We'll be taking a break to get back on track, and returning to regular updates with a new page later this month!

Hannah: The cellar that Atticus and Claire are in only had the one light bulb, so it should really be completely dark once it goes out. But that wouldn't be very interesting to look at, so just pretend its darker than it looks!

Kailey: We don't need to, Atticus has got a light source. Apparently a very good one with Claire around. Great job on the lighting, it's very pretty and different from our other scenes.

Hannah: Thanks! I like doing glowy stuff, and Atticus has a lot of it with his alchemy. You could say... Claire lights up his world.