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Posted February 25th, 2020

We get to see the sunlight and open field again! Love the contrast of settings and colors on this page. Some backstory revealed on this page too. It’s hard for Claire not to be associated with the captain and pilot who died in the Saint Deltruse accident, and her memory shows us that she was even there that day to see it. There’s going to be more flashbacks in the future, and putting them in a sepia tone is a fun way we connect with the time and technology era we’re going for. Jack is strangely dismissive of such a sensitive topic...

We adore the range of facial expressions on this page, especially Atticus. He doesn’t exactly know what happened in the engine room, but you can see he just expects the worst and has to bite his tongue when it comes to lecturing his friend out in public. And to top it off, Claire is called out as a ruffian, yet again...

We also have the winner of our art raffle from last week, and when their art request is finished, you can see it on our Patreon.