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Page 161

Posted April 17th, 2024

Kailey: Sorry for the delay on this page, but I hope it was worth the wait! Certainly was for me! Beyond needing some time to refresh the scripts and thumbnails, Hannah, you went and made the effects on this page freaking awesome! Really captured the vision of this event.

Hannah: Thank you, Kailey! It's an important story event that deserved the extra time and effort! I love to do little page border breaks and make things look extra glowy.

Kailey: Breaking free of the usual borders really helps it stand out. I love the expressions too: Claire absorbed in the majesty, and Atticus trying to hold back his shock. I can only imagine the wall of text that would cover the panel if we could hear his thoughts, haha.

Hannah: Haha, so true. It would be a jumbled mess. Atticus will definitely bring up what just happened eventually, but he's currently having his mind blown.