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Posted March 3rd, 2020

Oh, the return of the aptly named: Jerk Elf Guy. And, a conclusion of a short arc in the story. Poor old man had been trying to track Claire down all morning since she knocked him over, looking for justice and repayment. The factories are also busy in the background now, it being nearly noon. Might be a festival day, but you gotta keep the work going.

We know it’s been a long build up, but this story takes place over the course of a five day festival, and this is only day one. Honestly, we’re thankful the first day is so chill, because it’s a rollercoaster after this. However, this small moment of Atticus paying off Claire’s debt, sets up an incredibly important story point down the line, so we’re happy to have reached it.

And a little secret: We have no idea what the man’s trinket is or even does. Neither does he, but he sure thinks it’s worth all that money. Essentially, a play on the fable of The King’s New Clothes.