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Posted March 10th, 2020

That pretty much wraps up our introduction of the setting. Very excited for what’s to come and the plot is going to come into full swing before the end of chapter one. This page mainly sets up that Claire and Atticus plan to meet again, but will continue their normal lives in the meantime. At least, so they think...

Hannah experimented with more shading in the background to make it look a bit more distant using blue hues. It’s more steps to add to the quality of the product, so it’ll be fun to see where we go and expand our style. She also says she will never draw a character from that angle Jack is in on panel six, claiming it took her several attempts just to get the face right. Personally, that turned out to be my favorite panel, so hopefully I can resist asking for more dramatic angles like that. Also, we both enjoy the final two panels and Jack’s presence in them. It’s a small spark of his true personality as an older brother figure to Atticus, and his natural habitat: teasing him. While landing, Jack witnessed the entire exchange of Atticus tripping to the ground and that is what he is referencing.