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Posted March 17th, 2020

We experimented more with our coloring techniques on this page and it was the perfect page to do so in order to show the passage of time. This is a fun page that helps us have a timeskip as well as get some worldbuilding in. It's also fun to see how our two mains spend the rest of their day. Very different lifestyles.

We also have a fun cameo from one of Hannah's DnD characters: Milo Greenhand, an artificer with rocket boots, whom we know would adore this world, so we snuck him in for fun. There's other cameos scattered throughout the page as well. Atticus seems amused by his and Jack's conversation in the first panel, but Kailey can't figure out what they could possibly be talking about since Jack is making quite the gesture. Since Jack is Hannah's character, she says she'll take what their conversation is about to her grave.

This is also kind of like a page of fanart for ourselves, getting so many smaller pieces of the characters in different situations. It helps us even understand our characters and world more, which is good since things are going to ramp up very, very soon.